Women’s Fashion 2022: Top Trends and New Outfit Ideas

Designers presented their collections for the new spring-summer season in the brightest and most diverse trends. Of course, we should note the fact that most of the shows were organized off-line, which can’t but rejoice! The fashion industry is reborn. So, what are the main trends of the coming spring-summer 2022 season?

The first thing the eye falls on is glitter – spring promises to be shiny! Textures are offered in a variety of colors: lurex and sequins, latex leather as well as silk and satin. Color combinations range from acid shades to monochrome neutral sets.

Monochrome looks as one of the trends in different variations. Combinations of styles; going back to decades past, namely the active 2000s, partly 80s, 60s.

Considering each item of clothing separately, we must distinguish jackets, skirts, vests, and pants of various styles.

1. Monochrome or Total look

Images in one shade or related are used by many couturiers. This styling trick is perfectly worn and already quite familiar to fashion lovers, because it is no secret that in this way the silhouette becomes even slimmer, and the growth adds a few centimeters.

This can be in the form of a dress as an independent closet unit or a set of jackets and pants (shorts). An interesting image becomes exactly in one color scheme, when mixed with different textures: rough + gentle or thick + thin, etc.

A total look can also be diluted with an accessory or a detail of another color.

Fashion Trends 2022.
Bottega Veneta, Michael Kors

Fashion Trends 2022
Max Mara

2. Color in the Spring/Summer 2022 collections

It is impossible not to highlight color solutions or combinations. Along with the standard shades of spring-summer, namely light and juicy, pastel and bright, we want to pay special attention to the colors-achromats. Most brands have black and white colors.

Chanel, in many sets, presented black and white combinations, diluting them with bright details and fractures. Bottega Veneta also made extensive use of black in full sets. Michael Kors with the help of black perfectly emphasizes femininity, which looks quite fresh and elegant. White and all its shades can be seen in the collection of Dior and Zimmerman.

Women's Fashion 2022.
Dior, Zimmermann

Women's Fashion 2022
Bottega Veneta, Michael Kors

3. a reference to past decades

Many of the 2022 collections actively look at elements of the 2000s, specifically the low waistline in skirts, pants, and shorts. You can also see pants with a heavy bottom in the form of width and length of the pants, reminiscent of such rapper pants with an abundance of pockets and waders. There are also miniskirts with a low fit. Another thing to mention is the pronounced open sexiness of the 00’s.

The 1980s can be seen through the abundance of costume jewelry. These are of course chains, various booms, pearls, large earrings made of both metal and plastic. This is not the first season to use various jackets, which have their origins in the 1980s. Large headbands, gloves. Color-blocks in mini-dresses by Chanel.

Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion.

Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion
Gucci, Moschino

Spring/Summer Images
Balmain, Isabel Marant

Spring/Summer Images
Miu Miu

4. Brilliance throughout

Shiny skirts and pants! Blouses and jackets! Or even all at once! The sequins are already showing in the windows and mannequins, but as you can see, they will also be in the new 2022 season. There are also lurex, stones, rhinestones, metalized threads, metal details, and latex.

Tom Ford’s collection combines shiny fabrics, and in bright hues, too.

Celine invites us to wear sparkling textures along with the usual ones: denim, cotton, etc.
Spring/Summer 2022 Women's Fashion.
It should be noted that this chic sparkle is in regular everyday sets.
Women's Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion: Top Trends and Novelties
Tom Ford
Chains have long captured a leading position in jewelry, here you can see that they serve as decor.
Beautiful Fashion 2022.
Tom Ford and 2 photos by Alberta Ferretti

5. Cropped tops, bodices, cropped pants (Capri), cargo pants, micro-shorts

We’ve already encountered cropped tops in previous seasons. But here we have to talk about minimalism and micro-sizing. Remember how short pants below the knee were fashionable in the 00’s? Well, the designers demonstrated this model.

Cargo pants have been actively worn for many years. Here they became more dramatic and for going out.

Mention should also be made here about style tricks, namely a skirt or long jacket over pants, strappy sandals over trouser pants. The shorts are very short. Can be both casual styles with sporty elements and dressy; different texture and color.

Women's Fashion 2022: Top Trends and New Outfit Ideas (12)
Chanel, Versace

Women's Fashion 2022: Top Trends and New Outfit Ideas (14)
Celine, Valentino

Women's Fashion 2022: Top Trends and New Outfit Ideas (16)
Versace, Fendi

6. Accents and details in the form of cuts, fringes, belts, scarves, ribbons

Women's Fashion 2022: Top Trends and New Outfit Ideas (18)
Dancing and dynamic fringe.
Women's Fashion 2022: Top Trends and New Outfit Ideas (20)
Yves Saint Laurant.
Gloves as a finishing touch.

Fashion Images 2022.
Ann Demeulemeester

Fashion Images 2022
Michael Kors

Fashion Trends 2022

Fashion Trends 2022
Stella McCartney, Anna Sui

Versace invites us to remember bandanas and to tie a headscarf over a baseball cap.
Versace collection.

7. Natural style, crochet, comfort and convenience

Designers have not neglected comfortable soft natural fabrics, such as, cotton, fine knitwear, knitted textures. In this way the clothes bring us closer to naturalness, casualness. The shades in such sets are closer to natural. You want to be yourself, not to rush anywhere, to enjoy nature, the sea and to relax.

These images can be in the form of kits, or dresses: flying, not constraining movements. These clothes are reminiscent of home clothes, knitted or sewn with their own hands. Thus, the couturiers expressed their respect for the long-standing traditions, and once again reminded us that things made with our own hands are filled with sincerity, warmth and love!

Women's Fashion 2022: Top Trends and New Outfit Ideas (27)
Zimmermann, Henrik Vibskov

Women's Fashion 2022: Top Trends and New Outfit Ideas (29)

Women's Fashion Spring-Summer 2022
Michael Kors

Lace, sewing – all this gives lightness to a woman’s image. Despite the simplicity of the fabric, its texture, and transparency gives conservatism and at the same time, naivety and youth!


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