What Tops To Wear With A Knee Length Skirt

A knee length skirt is a great go-to item for any occasion. It can be worn to work, to a casual event, or even on a night out. If you’re looking for tops that work well with this type of skirt, then the following are some of the top options:

  • Long sleeved tops: long sleeved tops are perfect for wearing with knee length skirts because they will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outfit. Long sleeved tops are also great for adding extra warmth on chilly days. They can be worn as an underlay or over another top.
  • Short sleeved tops: short sleeved tops are also great for pairing with knee length skirts because they help keep you warm in colder weather. Short sleeved tops can also be worn as an underlay or over another top.
  • Tank tops: tank tops are another option that works well with knee length skirts because they offer both comfort and style thanks to their versatility when it comes to styling them differently depending on your mood and occasion.
  • Turtlenecks: A turtleneck is one of the most classic ways to pair a knee length skirt with an elegant look. Turtlenecks are not only flattering on all body types, but they also make you look taller and thinner than you actually are! This is why they’re such an attractive option for women who want to show off their curves without showing too much skin (or too many curves).
  • Blouses: Blouses are another type of top that looks good with almost any outfit. The key is finding one that compliments your figure and fits well on your body type so that it doesn’t accentuate any parts of you that you don’t want noticed (like a big belly).
  • Button Down Shirts: Button down shirts are another great option for wearing with knee-length skirts.
  • Black Tops: Black tops are a staple in any wardrobe–they go with everything! Try pairing yours with a black skirt for an easy, elegant look.
  • Neutrals: If you’ve got a neutral-colored skirt (like ivory or beige), try wearing it with another neutral piece like a cream top or blouse. This kind of outfit would work great for work or dinner dates.
  • Bright Colors: Bright colors like red or yellow can make this type of outfit feel more fun and youthful than if it were all neutrals (which can feel more mature). You can wear bright colors in the same way as neutrals–with jeans or pants!


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