What to wear with white jeans in summer

You’re probably looking for some ideas on how to wear white jeans in summer. We’ve got you covered!

First, try a tank top. You can’t go wrong with this classic look. Add some gold accessories and you’ll be the belle of the ball!

Second, try a button-down shirt. This is a great choice for days at the beach or poolside. Keep your hair tied back and carry a straw hat—you’ll look like a sun goddess in no time!

Third, try a denim skirt. If you’re feeling more adventurous than usual, throw on your white jeans and pair them with a denim skirt—you’re going to love how effortlessly cool it makes you feel!

White jeans are a summer staple, but they can be tricky to wear. You want to look stylish and put-together, but also like you’re not trying too hard. Here are some ways to make sure that your white jeans get noticed without making a statement.

1. Add color with your shoes: White shoes can be hard to pull off, but if you really want to make a statement, go for it! Just make sure they’re not too high—you don’t want to risk looking like you’re trying too hard.

2. Layer your tops: The best way to keep cool in summer is by layering your clothes, so why not do it with your tops? Try a tank top under a flowy blouse or shirtdress for an edgy look that’s still comfortable in the heat.

3. Add accessories: You can’t go wrong with jewelry or scarves when it comes to accessorizing white jeans—just don’t overdo it! A simple necklace will do the trick just fine if you’re going for a casual look.


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