What to Wear with Leopard Print Shoes

Leopard print shoes are a favorite for many women. They’re fun, they’re flirty, and they can make a bold statement about who you are. The only thing that can be tricky about wearing these shoes is finding the right outfit to go with them. Here are some tips for what to wear with leopard print shoes:

  • Leopard print shoes look best when paired with neutral colors like black or white. If you want to add a pop of color, try wearing them with something red or orange.
  • If you want to go for something bolder, try pairing your leopard print shoes with an all-black outfit with dramatic accessories—like big sunglasses or lots of jewelry—or even a black lace dress.
  • Leopard print shoes look great with jeans because they add a little extra pizzazz to an otherwise simple outfit. Try pairing them with a blazer if you want to dress up your jeans without adding another layer onto the top half of your body. This works especially well if you want to show off your leggings under a longer skirt or dress.
  • Match your leopard print shoes with something neutral in color. Nude-colored jeans or a pair of black pants is usually a safe bet when it comes to pairing your leopard-print shoes with an outfit. If you have a bright color like red or green in your outfit, try pairing it with something more neutral that will bring out the color of your shoes.
  • Look for patterns in both items of clothing so that they match up well with each other instead of clashing together as one big mess of colors and shapes!


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