What Shoes To Wear With Leopard Dress

Leopard print is one of the hottest trends for fall, especially when it comes to dresses. But what shoes should you wear with your leopard dress?

The answer is: it depends! Leopard print doesn’t have to be super flashy or over-the-top; it can be subtle, too. And you don’t want to go too crazy with your shoe choice if you’re going for that more understated vibe.

  1. Flats work well with a leopard-print dress because they are neutral enough that they won’t overpower the print, but they still bring out the color in your dress by adding another shade of orange or brown.
  2. Black or brown flats—You want something that’s not too flashy or bright, so black or brown will do the trick here.
  3. High-heeled boots—These can be either flat or pointed at the toe, but the heels should be at least two inches high so they don’t clash with the leopard print on your dress (and so you won’t feel like a clown).
  4. Short boots like ankle boots or knee-high boots compliment leopard-print dresses because they add height, which makes the legs look longer than when wearing flats or low heels; however, if you have shorter legs then this might not work for you so try different options before making a final decision on what shoes to wear with leopard print dresses!
  5. Oxfords—Again, these should have black or brown uppers and at least two-inch heels (for comfort). They’ll also add an extra touch of elegance to your outfit without being too much like something out of a circus act (like cowboy boots would).
  6. Another option is to wear black heels with a leopard dress. Black heels will help bring out the detail in the print without overwhelming it too much or distracting from the rest of your outfit in any way whatsoever! Plus they look super chic and sophisticated—which is always nice when wearing something as wild as leopard print!


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