What jewelry to wear with a leopard print dress

Leopard print is a bold choice for your outfit, so make sure your jewelry matches the boldness of the print!

Leopard print is a popular pattern in clothing, but it can also be used in interior design and as an accent on furniture. It’s not just for leopards anymore.

The most important thing to remember when styling your leopard print dress is that you want to keep everything else simple. If you’re wearing a leopard print dress with a solid top, try pairing it with simple earrings and a bracelet made from the same material (gold or silver). If you’re wearing a leopard print dress with an open back, try mixing silver and gold jewelry together for extra flare.

If you want to add some color without going overboard, try wearing colorful accessories with your leopard print outfit! This can include anything from colorful jewelry to brightly-colored heels or handbags.


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