What Jeans to Wear for Plus Size & Curvy Women

The best jeans for plus size and curvy women aren’t always the ones that look the best on the rack.

It’s important to remember that what looks good in a store might not be the most flattering when you get it home. You may want to try them on before buying them, but if you don’t want to leave the store empty-handed, here are some rules of thumb to follow when picking out jeans:

1. Make sure they fit in the seat and crotch area. You don’t want anything too tight or too loose.

2. The rise should be at least 8 inches long—more if possible—so it covers your whole belly button area (not just half of it). This will keep your tummy covered up so you look leaner than you actually are!

3. Look for a darker wash—it will make your legs look longer and leaner compared to lighter washes that highlight cellulite bumps and other imperfections on your legs.

4. Don’t worry about booty coverage; just get a pair of jeans that fits well around your waist and hips (and makes them look smaller!), then throw on some high heels with some stretchy material.


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