What flat shoes to wear with flare jeans

Flared jeans are a great way to lengthen your legs and create a slimming effect. They can be worn with almost any type of shoe, but some flat shoes work better than others.

If you’re looking for flat shoes to wear with flared jeans, consider the following options:

– Ballet Flats: These classic ballet flats will look great with flared jeans, especially if your flare jeans are dark in color. Ballet flats also work well with pencil skirts and other skinnier pants styles. Try them in black or brown for a more formal look, or opt for a vibrant color like red or blue if you’re seeking something more casual.

– Oxford Flats: These oxford flats are one of my favorite types of shoes because they go with everything! If you don’t have an Oxford flat yet then I highly recommend adding one to your closet as soon as possible—they’re so versatile and easy to wear! They’ll work perfectly with flared jeans because they elongate your legs while still being comfortable enough for all day wear (if necessary).


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