What Color Tops To Wear With Nude Shoes

When you’re wearing nude shoes, it can be hard to know what color tops to pair with them.

Luckily, there are some easy rules of thumb that will help you decide what to wear:

1. The darker the top, the more formal the look is going to be. For example, if you’re wearing a white top with nude shoes and black pants, it’s a much dressier look than pairing that same shirt with jeans or khakis.

2. If you want to go for something more casual and relaxed, consider pairing your nude shoes with something like a casual sweater or even just a plain t-shirt in neutral colors like white or gray.

3. If you’re not sure where to start when choosing between two different colors for your top and shoes, try pairing them both together first before deciding which one works better together!


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3 months ago

 I often get asked what color tops to wear with nude shoes. I always suggest wearing a top that is the same color as your shoes. This way, it will look like you’re not wearing any socks at all! It also gives you that extra bit of confidence that comes from knowing you look amazing from head to toe.

If you don’t want to wear something that’s the exact same shade as your shoes, then I suggest wearing a top in a slightly darker shade than your shoes. That way, it doesn’t look like you’ve got socks on at all—it’s just an illusion!

I hope these tips help make your life easier when deciding what to wear with nude shoes!