What color tops to wear with khaki pants

Khaki pants are a staple of any woman’s wardrobe, and they’re perfect for every occasion. Whether you’re going out with friends or just hanging around the house, khaki pants are the perfect way to look put-together without seeming too formal.

But what color tops should you wear with khaki pants? That is the question! And we have all the answers.

The first thing to consider when pairing your khaki pants with a top is whether you want to go with something light or dark. A light colored top will contrast nicely with your pants and draw attention up toward your face, while dark tops will create a more cohesive look by matching the color of your pants.

If you’re going for something light, try pairing them with a white top or a pale pink or lavender one that has some texture or lace on it. You can also try pairing them with something bold like a bright red top or even a graphic print! If you want something darker but still feminine, try pairing them with a black top or even a navy one if you want something more casual looking than black provides.


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