What color tops to wear with brown pants

If you’re a woman who wants to wear brown pants, you can do it in style by pairing them with the right top. Here are some tips for how to pick the right top for your brown pants:

1. Try a lighter color than your pants. If you want to go dark, try a light-colored top that is darker than your pants but not as dark as the pants themselves. This will give off a subtle contrast and make your outfit look more interesting.

2. Choose a solid color or animal print if you have a busy outfit already. You don’t want too many patterns clashing together in one outfit!

3. Go with lighter shades of brown if your outfit is going to be warm, like when it’s summertime or near Christmas time when there’s snow on the ground outside where you live all year long like here in Alaska! This way you’ll feel comfortable while still looking stylish!


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