What color tops to wear with black jeans

Black jeans are the perfect foundation for any outfit. They’re the color of sophistication, and they can be worn with almost anything. But what colors should you wear with them?

The answer is… it depends! The key to wearing black jeans is to pick a complementary color that will make your whole look pop. Here are some ideas:

  • White: White is one of the best colors for every woman’s wardrobe. It makes you look young and vibrant, which is perfect for summertime! Pair your black jeans with a white top and you’ll look like you just came from a day at the beach.
  • Pink: This bright, vibrant color is perfect for spring or fall when you want to add some pizazz to your outfit without going overboard. Pink is also great because it’s very flattering on all different skin tones—you can’t go wrong with pink!
  • Blue: Blue jeans can be hard to pull off because they can sometimes make you look washed out if they don’t match your skin tone well enough, but if they do match then they’ll bring out the best in your eyes! Blue is always a safe bet when pairing colors together so it’s worth trying out if you’re feeling adventurous!
  • Bright, bold colors: The contrast of a bright top against dark jeans will make you stand out in a crowd. Try wearing a bright red or blue shirt with black jeans and boots.
  • Neutral tones: If you’re going for more of an “everyday” look, try pairing your black jeans with a black or white top. You can also wear this look during the day with black flats or booties under your jeans to keep it casual while still looking chic.
  • If you’re feeling risky, try a bright red or pink top. Don’t be afraid to play around with colors—it can be really fun to wear!


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