What color tops go with navy blue pants

Navy blue is a great color for pants and the perfect neutral for your wardrobe. It’s typically associated with power and professionalism, but it can also lend a sense of calm to your look. The best way to wear navy blue pants is with a top or shirt that has a similar color palette.

While you can pair navy blue pants with just about anything, here are some suggestions:

  • Red: Red is a bold, vibrant color that will make your outfit pop. It’s also a great accent color because it adds interest without taking away from the main piece.
  • White: White is an excellent option if you want to make your navy blue pants stand out. It’s also an easy way to add some color without going overboard!
  • You might want to wear a light yellow top or cream-colored top. Light yellow is a great color because it has the same brightness as light blue but isn’t too bright or distracting.
  • You can also try wearing an off-white shirt with your navy blue pants. This will offer some contrast but still keep everything looking clean and professional.
  • If you want something bolder, consider wearing an orange top with your navy blue pants. The bright hue will make a statement while still complementing the dark tone of your pants.

No matter what color tops you choose, make sure it is form-fitting and flattering so that it doesn’t draw attention away from how great your legs look in those trousers!


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