What color shoes to wear with a red floral dress

Red is a color that can be tricky to wear. It’s bold, and it can be hard to find accessories that complement it without being too boring or distracting.

But if you’re looking for shoes to wear with a red floral dress, you’re in luck! There are lots of great options out there.

If you want something simple, consider black shoes. Black goes with pretty much everything, so it’s a safe bet when you’re trying something new—and it also happens to look nice with red! If you want something more colorful, try a pair of pink heels or wedges. The contrast between the two colors will create a really interesting look.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try wearing yellow shoes with your red floral dress. The combination may seem strange at first glance, but when you see how well they work together side by side on the runway or on the street, you’ll be convinced!


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