What color hair goes with hazel eyes

Hazel eyes can be any color, and they don’t need to be enhanced by a specific hair color. If you’re looking for a change, though, here are some of our favorite options:

– Chestnut Brown: Our number-one recommendation for hazel eyes is chestnut brown because it’s so versatile. It’s got depth and richness, but not so much that it looks unnatural or out of place with your skin tone.

– Dark Blonde: Another great option is dark blonde. This is especially good if you want to go for something more dramatic than chestnut brown—dark blonde will still complement your eyes without being too bold or unnatural.

– Black: We love black hair with hazel eyes because it makes them look even greener! It also looks super cool when paired with a bold blue/purple eye shadow or eyeliner (which is usually recommended for green eyes).


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