What color dresses go with white shoes

When you’re wearing white shoes, the dress you choose to wear with them is just as important as the shoes themselves. You can get away with a lot more when you’re wearing white shoes than if you were wearing black ones—and most of us are better off playing it safe when it comes to what we choose to wear.

Here are some color combinations that work well with white shoes:

-Black: Black goes with almost anything, and this is especially true when paired with white.

-Brown: The classic brown-on-white combination works well because of its simplicity. It also helps keep your look neutral and versatile, so that whatever you pair it with later in the day will go well together.

-Blue: Blue is one of the more common shades associated with white shoes, but it works well because blue has such a wide range of hues that it can be paired with almost any color scheme.

-Dark blue: If you’re wearing a dark blue dress, try pairing it with white shoes in the same shade or a shade lighter or darker than your dress.

-Light blue: Light blues look great with white shoes in any shade that complements the color, but if you have a yellowish light blue dress, try wearing red or pink heels instead.

-Yellow: Yellow dresses go well with almost any kind of white shoe—pumps, booties, flats… even sandals! But if you have a very bright yellow dress, don’t forget that you can always add another pop of color with accessories like scarves or jewelry.


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