What Color Accessories To Wear With A White Dress

White is the color of purity, innocence, and light. It’s a color that says “I’m sweet” without saying a word. For this reason, it’s usually the first choice for brides on their wedding day—but it’s not just for brides! What color accessories should you wear with a white dress?

With any color other than white, you can get away with any accessory you want. But when you’re wearing white, you have to be careful about how much contrast there is between your outfit and your accessories. If you go too bold with your accessories, they’ll seem too loud for such a delicate color—and trust us: there are plenty of fun colors to choose from that won’t clash with your outfit.

So what colors should you choose? Well… the answer depends on what look YOU’RE going for! Here are some ideas:

If you want to go classic: Try pairing your white dress with classic gold jewelry and shoes. This will give off an elegant vibe that’s perfect for an evening wedding or prom/formal dance.

Red accessories would be perfect for a romantic look. Red is an energetic and passionate color and will give your outfit an extra boost of energy. If your outfit is already very bright and colorful, then red will complement it nicely.

Green is another great option for adding some life into an outfit that may be lacking in vibrancy. It’s an uplifting color that can help add excitement to any look.

Blue is another great choice because it pairs well with so many different colors, including black and white! It’s also associated with peace, which makes it perfect for pairing with a white dress (or any other white item).


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