Velvet Women’s Honey Faux Leather Pants

Looking for a way to add some shine and glam to your life? Look no further than the new Velvet Women’s Honey Faux Leather Pants, with their super soft vegan faux leather fabric that is machine washable and ready to wear. We won’t tell you how many times we’ve tried on these pants ourselves—we just can’t get enough of them! They’re so comfortable that you’ll want to wear them every day, and who doesn’t want a pair of pants that are as stylish as they are functional?

These pants have a hook and bar closure, so they’ll stay where they should be without ever slipping or falling down. And they have side pockets only—no back pockets here! The belt loops make these pants perfect for pairing with any top, so no matter what your look like these pants are sure to fit right in.

Fashion trends come and go, but these pants will never go out of style because they’re classic! Plus, they’re super flattering on all body shapes and sizes (we’ve got broads too!). We know you’ll love how great these look once you put them on—and we also know that once you try them on for yourself, there’s no going back!


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