What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022

What skirts are in fashion in 2022? What to combine trendy skirts with? Which skirts to keep in your closet and which ones to put on the far shelves? Midi, straight, thigh-hugging and A-silhouette skirts are in fashion. Long and short skirts are designed by designers, but there are fewer of them in the collections of brands because they are less comfortable to wear than skirts below the knee.
Skirts Fashion Trends.
Christian Dior, Elisabetta Franchi
Skirts of classic cut are in trend, but transparent, multilayered, puffed, asymmetric and skirts of unusual fabrics are rare. Models of complex cut meet the fashion trend – bright bottoms that attract attention. Combine bright skirts with basic tops, blouses and shirts.

Skirt suits will not only be in fashion in 2022, but also in 2023. The cut of the suits is not oversized, but feminine, emphasizing the silhouette.
Suits with a skirt.
Christian Siriano, Gabriela Hearst


Knitted skirts increase the size of the hips, under them wear corrective underwear, as knitted will not tighten the belly, and emphasize it.
Knit Skirts.
If there is a tummy, then in a set with a knitted skirt choose an elongated jacket or a loose sweater.
Skirts 2022: how to combine fashion trends
Adam Lippes, Anteprima, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Frederick-Anderson, Jason Wu


Pleated skirts are not only a trend, but also a classic model that should be in every woman’s closet.
Pleated Skirts.
Proper pleated skirts do not increase the hips in volume; the width of the pleat should widen toward the bottom.
Pleated Skirts.
Adam Lippes, Bevza, Cividini, Ermanno Scervino, Eye, Givenchy


Tuck blouses into half-sun and sun skirts and accentuate the waist with a belt. To avoid looking grown-up in the skirts, combine them with coarse boots.
Skirts 2022.
Akris, Christian Dior, Emilia Wickstead


Long skirts will make the legs look long if the top is shortened. Fashionable long skirts made of lace, satin, chiffon.
Long Skirts.
Long Skirts
Akris, Elisabetta Franchi, Lutz Huelle

Gaudet style.

Gaudet skirts form a feminine silhouette, gently fit the hips. Total bows are on trend, choose a top of the same color to the skirt.
Gaudet Skirts.
Alaia, Emilia Wickstead

With folds

Skirts with pleats look authentic, stylish and cozy. The perfect model for fall. Combine with coats, turtlenecks, gloves and high boots for fall.
Skirts 2022.
Alberta Ferretti, Anteprima


Puffed skirts are not for every day, but a dressy option. Beautifully look with shortened tops and blouses that fit the figure, emphasizing the chest and shoulders.
Tiered Skirts.
Annakiki, Claudia-Li, Erdem


Style plaid skirts with sweatshirts, leather shirts, fitted jackets, and raincoats.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (13)
To pair the set, the color of the top should be the same color as the plaid on the skirt. Skirt suits in plaid are also relevant.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (15)
Apiece Apart, Calvin Luo, Christian Dior, Cividini, Eyeye, Mario Dice


Transparent skirts are not part of a provocative sexy set, they complement a strict top with a jacket, long shirt, coat.
Transparent Skirts.
Chanel, Christian Dior, Elisabetta Franchi

Long Straight.

Complete long straight black skirts with blouses with voluminous sleeves and ruffles.
\Fashionable Skirts.

Straight up to the knee

If the style of the skirt is simple, the blouse and jacket can be a complex cut, if the jacket or blouse is classic, decorate it with a brooch. Volumetric brooches in the form of a flower are trendy.
Fancy Skirts.


Create complex sets with puffy skirts, for example, with a leopard print coat, a cropped tweed jacket, a long trench coat. The set should be stylish, because puffed skirts are a micro-trend.
Fluffy skirts.
Christian Dior, Elisabetta Franchi, Erdem


On-trend dressy skirts made of sequin fabric, black velvet, white satin. Fashionable holiday maxi and mini length skirts.
Evening smart skirts.
Christian Siriano, Eenk, Elisabetta Franchi, Emporio Armani

Sparkly Minis.

Reduce the sexiness of glittery short skirts with on-trend cossack boots.
Shiny miniskirts.
Conner Ives, Custo Barcelona, DSquared2


Leather skirts are not vulgar thigh-hugging, but loose cut, midi length. Images with leather skirts are complemented by high boots, which do not cut the leg, but go inside the skirt.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (23)
Courreges, Elisabetta Franchi, Ermanno Scervino

With cuts

Straight skirts with slits look perfect with office shirts and blouses, and in a casual style with black T-shirts with prints and lettering.

Tights don’t have to be flesh-colored, sheer black tights are also in fashion.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (25)
Eftychia, Koche, Kwaidan Editions

With flounces.

Style your skirts with flounces with trendy items, applying topical accessories and shoes to the images. For example, booties, collars, and socks. Bomber, hoodie, and rough shoes will also add a touch of fashion to the image with a puffy skirt.
Skirts with flounces.
Elisabetta Franchi, Red Valentino, Rentrayage

Straight midi

No masculinity, only feminine images. Minimalism and classics in fashion, allowable frivolity – a slit on a straight midi skirt in front.
Straight midi skirts.
Note the styling: a pastel-colored skirt with a white office blouse, the color will add lightness to the set.
Straight midi skirts.
Anteprima, Fendi, Max Mara, Negris Lebrum, Nehera, Snow Xue Gao

Colored Skirts.

The most fashionable colors: green, lavender and brown.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (30)
Calvin Luo, Mario Dice, Max Mara.


Tweed skirts look stylish with Chanel-style jackets.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (32)
Chanel, Chocheng, Shiatzy-Chen.

Midi with buttons.

Loose button up midi length skirts are a tribute to trends for comfort and femininity.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (34)
Combine button-down skirts with knitted fishnet sweaters, delicate transparent blouses. Denim button-down skirts with checked shirts.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (36)
Style button-up safari skirts with printed chiffon blouses and belts with solid plaques.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (38)
Christian Dior, Eenk, Palmer Harding, Shiatzy-Chen, Ulla Johnson, Luisa Spagnoli, Max Mara

With leopard print.

The image is not built around a leopard print skirt, its catchiness is muted by hoodies, anoraks, sweaters, loose T-shirts.
Leopard print skirts.
Christian Dior, Max Mara, Roberto Cavalli


Asymmetric skirts, cut obliquely, slim the figure. They draw attention to themselves, draw attention to the hips and legs.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (41)
Claudia-Li, Ports 1961, Rentrayage

Patchwork skirt.

The flaps are not small, the skirts do not look like things sewn in patchwork technique, but rather like color-block style kits.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (43)
Colville, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Rentrayage

A-silhouette skirts

The cut is suitable for slender girls with long legs, complement the image with high boots and cropped or fitted jackets.
A-silhouette skirts
A-silhouette skirts below the knee are complimentary for any figure, but full women do not need to create additional volume on top.
A-silhouette skirts.
Coperni, Courreges, Les Copains, Mark Fast, Neul, Ports 1961

With ornaments.

Stylish skirts with ornaments do not quote ethnic motifs, but are combined with voluminous sweaters and openwork turtlenecks.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (47)
Max Mara, Neul.


Trendy below-the-knee, frayed, scuffed denim skirts.
Denim Skirts.
Nolita, Rentrayage, Rokh

Summer whites.

White skirts of any style are topical in summer. Fashionable details – lacing, buttons, pockets.
White Skirts.
Combine white skirts in summer with cotton blouses.
White Skirts.
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Staud, Tom-Ford, Giambattista Valli

With pockets

Wear skirts with pockets if you are not complexed about voluminous hips, because the pockets increase the size of the hips and draw attention to them.
Skirts with Pockets.
Staud, Rokh, Johanna Ortiz

Complex cut skirt

Complex cut is represented by asymmetry, wedge cut, high cuts.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (53)
Ulla Johnson, Y Project.

Ethnic style.

Ethnics involves patterns, ornaments, prints, loose fit and maxi lengths. Combine ethnic style skirts with tank tops.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (55)
Ulla Johnson, Luisa Spagnoli, Etro

Fringed and puffed skirts

Cowboy style is on trend. Fashionable fringed skirts below the knee, with a scoop neckline or neckline at the front.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (57)
Luisa Spagnoli, Ulla Johnson.
Short dynamic
Valentino Collection


Fashionable summer chiffon skirts with floral or oriental print with flounces.
Chiffon Skirts
Veronica Beard, Ulla Johnson, Rodarte

With a low waist.

If there is a desire and an opportunity to demonstrate a low waist and perfect abs, you do not need to do it in the city, naked belly button demonstrate on the beach.
Skirts with a low waist
Versace, No-21, Johanna Ortiz

Zippered front

Take care that the zipper on the skirt is either imitation or high quality, if the zipper breaks, you can get into a very uncomfortable situation.
What Skirts Are in Fashion for 2022 (62)
Vivienne Hu, Studio-189, Alexander McQueen


Another option for a dressy skirt is a gold skirt.
Gold skirts.

Bright mini skirts

Color-block and total bow styles are on trend, a brightly colored skirt can be part of a multicolor set or a look composed entirely in one color.
Bright mini skirts.
Versace, Lanvin
Designers of fashion brands have made sure that among the topical skirts of 2022 every fashionable woman can choose a model to her liking. But many models of topical skirts are already in your closet, just combine them with fashionable tops and shoes.


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