The most fashionable skirt styles of 2022

In 2022, fashion trends have decided to distance themselves from the golden mean, now in fashion miniskirts, including quite short, and at the same time in the collections of brands, you can find many models of maxi length. All recent years, fashion and media sought to relieve us from the pressure of rigid beauty standards, so in 2022, a girl of any shape can wear a short skirt. All limitations are only in your mind.

Short skirts can be classed as a perennial trend, they never completely go out of fashion, just in some years there are more of them, than less. The history of mini starts in the 1960s, two designers at once – Mary Quant and Andre Courreg offered short skirts.

Fancy Skirts 2022.
Photo above – Etro
Bottom photo – Lanvin, Valentino

Fancy Skirts 2022

Minis are especially popular now, thanks to the development of the noughties fashion trend. In 2022 the most different styles of short skirts in different materials are relevant – classic straight, A-silhouette models, pleated, skirts in school style, models with prints and unusual decorations.

Outfit Report collected in this publication all the most interesting skirts from New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks. These are the items that will serve as a reference point for mass-market brands and the most affordable outfits on Aliexpress.

Roberto Cavalli Skirts.
Roberto Cavalli

Mini skirts with low waist

This year, many people are not looking forward to a vacation by the sea ocean, but we’re used to getting a tan. A mini skirt will help you get a tan in the city. The maximum tan will be if you choose a mini-skirt with a low waist. These are the most minimalistic models, they are like narrow strips of fabric. Such skirts are the most fashionable in 2022, here we meet two trends at once – the length of the mini and the low waist. But to wear such skirts will dare only confident or frivolous girls.

The most minimalistic length this season was presented in the collection of the Italian House Miu Miu. It is a very recognizable skirt that many girls will choose. In creating images with miniskirts, you should still remember some stylish principles. Therefore, it is better to combine a seductive mini with a closed top.

Micro Skirts 2022
Miu Miu.

During the pandemic, many have lost their relationships with their loved ones, and are now in an active search. In such a situation, a miniskirt may seem like a fashionable tool to attract attention. But here it is important to remember that excessive sexuality can attract the wrong kind of relationship.

Despite all the limitations of recent times – the departure of fashion brands, the refusal of foreign stores to send goods to Russia and the blocking of American social networks, fashion in Russia will not become stunted and will not lag behind the general world, as it did in Soviet times. In the very near future, other brands will take the place of those that have gone, and as for the Internet, the replacement will go even faster here. In general, we should look at everything that is happening as the creation of a new world with many new opportunities.

Short Skirts 2022
Alberta Ferretti

Short Skirts 2022

Fancy Skirts 2022

Fancy Chanel Skirts


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