7 Top Women’s Swimsuit Trends For 2022

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to take a closer look at fashionable swimwear 2022 and choose the options, that you would really like to try on this season!

Fashionable Swimwear 2022: 7 Top TrendsCult Gaia, Twinset, Maygel Coronel

Many of those who buy swimsuits or sew them themselves choose models for one season. First of all, summer vacation is not for everyone and lasts not so long, and secondly, beach fashion trends are not as changeable as the trends of everyday clothing. But if this year you want to treat yourself to a really fashionable swimsuit – why not? We have for you the actual 7 options!

1. Unusual Materials

Fashionable swimwear 2022: 7 top trendsMiss Selfridge, Hunza G, Twinset

One of the main beach fashion trends of 2022 advises us to choose swimwear made of unconventional materials. First of all, it’s lurex, gently sparkling in the sunlight! No less popular is the reticulated cotton. And if you like to play in a big way, choose models with sequins – such fused swimwear will look great with shorts, if you plan to attend a beach party.

2. Metallic details.

Fashionable swimwear 2022: 7 top trendsCult Gaia, Same Los Angeles, Popsugar

Rings and chains are one of the most popular swimsuit decor options in 2022. The main thing is to make sure that such a swimsuit will be really comfortable to wear.

3. Two colors.

Fashionable swimwear 2022: 7 top trendsCossie + Co, Nensi Dojaka, Norma Kamali

A cut that allows you to play with the use of two shades in an interesting way is a great choice. As an option, the use of translucent inserts creates the illusion of different colors.

4. Belt

Fashionable swimwear 2022: 7 top trendsChanel, Johanna Ortiz, Georges Hobeika

This season a number of big brands presented models with belts, sometimes it’s a chain belt, sometimes it’s a lanyard, sometimes it’s a decorative pattern imitating a belt.

5. Mini

Fashionable swimwear 2022: 7 top trendsMissoni, Isa Boulder, Marysia

If your motto is “Nothing too much!”, feel free to choose models that leave no room for imagination. However, this season’s mini does not go into the micro, so the limits of decency are not violated.

6. Bright Shades

Fashionable swimwear 2022: 7 top trendsAlex Perry, Who What Wear, Andrea Lyamah

A neon glow for those who prefer to always be in the spotlight! By the way, a nice bonus is that such colors perfectly emphasize the tan.

7. Complicated cut.

Fashionable swimwear 2022: 7 top trendsMaygel Coronel, Johanna Ortiz, Johanna Ortiz

A list of fashionable swimsuits in 2022 would be incomplete without swimsuits that clearly exceed our usual expectations for this closet item. If for you even a swimsuit is a reason to declare your love for haute couture, look for models with unusual flounces and voluminous sleeves.


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