Style Guide For 60 Year Old Woman

If you’re a woman who’s turning 60, you probably feel like you’ve got the whole world in front of you. Here are some tips on how to dress in a way that makes the most of this exciting time in your life.

1) Go bold with color! You’re not going to be young forever, so why not embrace your age and have fun with it? Try red lipstick or a bright green pantsuit—your confidence will shine through and make everyone around you smile.

2) Don’t be afraid of prints! As we age, our skin loses elasticity and begins to sag, so prints can help camouflage those unattractive wrinkles. Try pairing them with solid colors for an easy look that anyone can pull off.

3) If you’re worried about showing too much skin in public, try wearing a long shirt under a short skirt or shorts! This way you’ll still show off your legs without having to worry about flashing anyone accidentally while bending over or reaching into your bag at Starbucks.

4) Keep accessories simple! Your jewelry should complement your outfit instead of overtaking it—so pair big earrings with a small necklace and keep rings minimalistic so they don’t compete with other pieces on hand.


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