Steve Madden Women’s Possession Sneaker

You’re going to love the Steve Madden Women’s Possession Sneaker. It’s a super-cute man-made, synthetic rubber sole shoe that’s perfect for your everyday look.

The Steve Madden Women’s Possession Sneaker is available in sizes 5 – 11 and comes in a variety of colors, including black/white and purple/pink. The upper is made of synthetic material, while the lining and sole are also man-made. It features a lace-up closure with a back pull-on tab for easy access. The 2.5 inch platform bottom adds just enough height to make this style super cute and trendy!

The Steve Madden [product name] sneaker is one of those shoes that you’ll want to wear every day! This shoe has a fashion trend feel without being too flashy or over the top—you know what I mean? It’s just right for everyday wear but still adds some glamour to your look with its adorable color options! You can pair it with jeans or dresses for an effortless look that’s sure to impress everyone at work or school!


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