Sexy work outfits for ladies

The biggest mistake you can make when choosing an outfit for work is thinking that being sexy isn’t professional. You ARE a woman, and you SHOULD feel sexy and beautiful every day. The key is finding ways to do so without offending your coworkers or making them uncomfortable.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your work wardrobe:

1) If you’re looking to dress up, go for something that’s both professional and flattering—but don’t forget to look great! If you wear a pencil skirt and jacket with heels, but no blouse underneath your jacket, you’ll still look like a lady—but the lack of blouse will give off an unprofessional vibe.

2) Keep things simple! This means avoiding busy patterns and prints, which can be distracting when they’re not in line with your profession (think: graphic designer). Stripes are great because they’re simple and classic—and they work well with almost any color scheme!

3) Don’t forget about accessories! A scarf or necklace can add just enough pop to keep things interesting without being over-the-top; just make sure it’s not so big that it takes away from your outfit!

4) A-line skirts in silk or satin with a blazer. The knee length skirt is elegant and flattering, while the blazer gives you the look of a business woman. You can wear this outfit to work and still be sexy, or you can dress it down by adding a pair of heels or flats and swapping out your blazer for a cardigan. This look works well for day wear as well, but it’s best suited to evening events as it provides more coverage than other styles.

5) Dresses in silk or satin material are another option for women looking for sexy work outfits. These dresses can either be tailored to fit like pantsuits or loose enough that they flow around the body like dresses do. They’re ideal for showing off curves without being too revealing because they allow more coverage over key areas like cleavage and midsection than other styles would offer.


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