RVCA Women’s Standard Solstice Button Up Cover-Up

She’s the kind of girl who knows how to make a statement, and she’s not afraid to do it. Her style is bold, confident, and inspiring. She’s got a heart of gold, but she doesn’t let that stop her from being the baddest chick around. She’s got it all—she’s smart, beautiful, successful, and so much more. And now she can show off her hard work in this coverup from RVCA Women’s Standard Solstice Button Up Coverup!

This button front shirt coverup features a lightweight Viscose fabric with large chest pockets for storing your essentials (or whatever else you want). You can wear it over any outfit for an extra layer of warmth or style—and if you’re feeling especially bold (which we know you are), you can even wear it by itself! There’s no limit to what this bad girl can do when she’s got this coverup on her back.


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