Ray-Ban Rb4320ch Chromance Aviator Sunglasses

A sporty aviator shape frame that is made from lightweight nylon and has the ideal fit. This style also has the Chromance mirror lenses for attention and function, Size lens-bridge: 58 16.

The frame is made from lightweight nylon that’s both durable and comfortable. The nylon is a great material for sunglasses because it’s both durable and breathable, which means it won’t get too hot or too cold on your face no matter what time of year it is.

The arms are thin so they don’t take up space on your face or make you look like an old lady (but if you do want to look like an old lady, we totally support that). They’re also flexible enough to adjust to different head shapes without being uncomfortable or falling off every time you move your head.

These lenses are polarized, meaning they’ll cut glare off water surfaces or shiny objects like cars—they’re great for fishing! They also help with contrast so colors will pop out more vividly than usual (which makes them perfect for taking selfies!).


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