Perfect ways to wear baggy jeans

Baggy jeans are a great way to look casual and comfortable in any setting. The key is to make sure the bagginess doesn’t go overboard—there’s a fine line between looking like you’re wearing pajamas and looking like you’ve got the perfect outfit for whatever occasion you’re dressing for.

To rock this look, start with a pair of jeans that are a few sizes too big. Make sure they’re still fitted around your waist and hips, but if they have lots of room around the thighs, that’s perfect! You want them big enough so that they don’t feel constricting but not so big that they look like you borrowed them from your dad.

Next, make sure your shirt is big enough to cover up any extra fabric and create some balance between your top and bottom halves. If it’s too tight, it will accentuate your hips instead of drawing attention away from them—which is what you want when wearing oversized jeans!

Finally, finish off this look with sneakers or boots (depending on where you’re headed). You could also go for a more feminine pair of flats or heels if you want something more formal for an event like brunch or dinner with friends


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