Oakley Women’s Oo9433 Low Key Round Sunglasses

You’re a woman of style and substance, and we know you want your sunglasses to reflect that. That’s why we designed these Oakley Women’s Oo9433 Low Key Round Sunglasses—they’re not only stylish, but they also have the technology to back up your look.

With their matte brown tortoise frame and Prizm Rose Gold polarized lenses, these shades are sure to be a hit with everyone who sees them. They’re made in the USA from composite materials that are durable and lightweight—so they’ll never weigh down your face or move out of place when you wear them.

Plus, they come with 100% UV protection coating on both sides of each lens, so you can enjoy your day without worrying about getting sunburned. And speaking of sunburns… if you accidentally leave them out in the hot sun too long (or if you get distracted by something shiny), don’t worry! They’re also polarized, so they’ll block out even more glare than usual.

Finally—and this is just an added bonus—these Oakley Women’s Oo9433 Low Key Round Sunglasses come with an adjustable nose pad system that makes wearing them as comfortable as possible for any shape or size face.


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