HUDSON Women’s Lulu Skirt

The lulu denim skirt is a high rise pencil skirt that hits right above the knees. It’s a look that’s great for work, but can also be easily dressed down for the weekend.

This skirt is very versatile and can be paired with many different tops, depending on how you want to style it!

If you want to keep things casual and sporty, try pairing it with a graphic tee or tank top. If you want to dress up the outfit, try pairing it with a button-up shirt or blouse. And if you’re looking for something that’s going to give more definition to your waist, try wearing a belt or cinching in at the waist with a scarf.

When it comes to shoes, you have plenty of options as well! Try pairing this skirt with flats or booties if you want something casual and comfortable. If you want to dress up your outfit even more, try wearing heels or wedges—just make sure they still leave plenty of room between them and the hem of your skirt so they don’t get caught in there!


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