How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022

Our eye sees different colors everywhere. Color becomes a signal that flies through our optical nerves, transforming into emotional, psychological, and social meanings at lightning speed. It has long been known that our color environment affects not only our emotional state but even our physical state.

The psychology of color has distant roots. Since ancient times people have given wide importance to color science and color therapy. Decomposed into a spectrum the beam gives 7 colors, which in astrology correspond to 7 planets: red – Mars, blue – Venus, yellow – Mercury, green – Saturn, purple – Jupiter, orange – Sun, purple – Moon.

Colors also characterize people’s social status, as well as various folk, cultural traits and genetic codes.

Color affects character

Many scientists have repeatedly confirmed with their research the connection between a person’s choice of a certain color and his psycho-emotional state.

Preferences in colors may change over time, but as a rule, a person prefers 2-3 primary colors, which can give an idea of some of his character traits.

The Meaning of Purple.

A preference for the color purple may indicate to us a certain infantilism in a person’s character, a need for support, dependability, and an inability to make quick decisions. An aversion to purple, on the other hand, can help to guess the maturity of a person’s character. People who choose purple, do not like to suffer defeat, so all their decisions are carefully weighed. They love freedom and independence and have a cheerful creative witty disposition. In addition, purple has a positive effect on the heart and lungs and increases the efficiency of the body.

Since purple is about creativity, and flight of fancy, marketers use the color wherever they need to emphasize the originality and creativity of a product.

From purple to violet: revealing all the secrets and meanings

Pantone History

All designers, decorators, manufacturers, artists, advertising agency employees and fashion experts, and even builders, use the Pantone color system.

“God created the world in seven days. And on the eighth he asked Pantone to make it colored,” said Larry Herbert, founder of Pantone.

It all started with a print shop, where there were difficulties in discussing orders with customers in determining the color they wanted. When they produced color cards for cosmetics manufacturers to determine the exact tones and shades, Herbert had the idea for a color catalog. It all started with just 40 colors and with the development of science and technology, and the invention of spectrophotometers, the company became the trendsetter of color.

Herbert later sold Pantone to the spectrophotometer company. It is engaged in the study of the exact sciences of color, which makes Pantone a well-deserved authority on color science and colorism.

One day the company found a not-so-scientific idea to monetize color. “Color of the Year” was conceived as a joke and a one-time project, but it was a huge success. So, since 2000, Pantone has chosen a new color every year, claiming to analyze world events, the spirit of the era, global innovations and psychological current trends in the selection.

The company studies trends in the entertainment industry, film, art, fashion, design, trendy travel destinations, economic changes, and social media.

Shades of purple and violet have already been suggested by Pantone as the color of the year in different years.

In 2014, Radian Orchid was the color of the year.
How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (2)

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (4)
And in 2018 Pantone offered the public a shade of purple called Ultra Violet.

Very peri 2022.

For 2022, Pantone again chose a mix of blue and purple with a red undertone – the color Very peri.

It symbolizes energy, joy, positive spirits and dynamism, finding itself in the expression of creativity, courage and imagery. People’s perceptions of the world, their lifestyles and standards during the coming out of isolation are changing. Today, reality and virtuality have begun to intersect in new ways. The color Very Peri reflects these trends, Pantone experts called it a symbol of the global spirit of the time and the transitional period in which we now live.

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (6)

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (8)

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (10)

Color combinations of purple/purple with other colors:

  • Purple total look
  • Purple + white
  • Purple + mint and turquoise
  • Purple + Red
  • Purple + blue
  • Purple + orange
  • Purple + Yellow (bright colors)
  • Purple and pastel yellow
  • Purple and green from cool to warm shades
  • Purple and acid green
  • Purple and Brown
  • Purple and Pink
  • Purple and Black
  • Purple and beige

How to combine purple with prints

Many fashion house shows over the years have flashed models in purple and purple outfits.

Let’s see what big-name designers are offering this year.

What do the stars say?

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (12)
The royalty are also no strangers to such juicy shades, and by choosing purple, they look stylish and elegant at any age.

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (14)
Sarah Jessica Parker in a deep purple cardigan and fuchsia-colored accent pumps.

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (16)
Meghan, as elegant and spectacular as ever, in a color combination of a bright red coat and a deep purple dress.

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (18)

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (20)
Victoria Beckham in a mauve lingerie-inspired dress.

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (22)
Lady Gaga in a chic purple dress at the premiere of the acclaimed movie “House of Gucci,” where she played the lead role of Patricia Gucci.

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (24)
Vincent Cassel’s wife, Tina Kunaki, in a violet kimono, one of the most talked about gowns of the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (26)
Sharon Stone in a Dolce&Gabbana dress and Chopard jewelry at the Monte-Carlo Gala 2021 in Monaco at the invitation of Prince Albert ll

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (28)
Nicole Kidman shined in a purple Armani Prive gown at the annual InStyle Awards 2021 in Los Angeles

How To Wear Purple and Violet Outfits in 2022 (30)
Anya Taylor-John won “Face of the Year” at one of the most important fashion awards in the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City. The star of The Queen’s Walk appeared in a purple blazer and Oscar de la Renta cocktail dress


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