How to Wear a Green Suit

The best way to wear a green suit is with confidence. If you’re going to pull off this bold color, you need to feel comfortable in your skin and believe that you look amazing. If you can’t pull it off, it will show.

One of the easiest ways to wear a green suit is by pairing it with complementary colors. This can be done by pairing a pale yellow shirt with a dark green blazer or skirt if you’re wearing a skirt, or a light blue shirt with a dark green blazer if you’re wearing a suit. You can also pair it with some neutral colors like black and white, which will help anchor the outfit and make sure that it doesn’t look too loud or busy.

Another option is to go monochromatic with your outfit—this means choosing one color family (such as greens) and matching all of your accessories in that color family too. For example: A brown purse, brown shoes, brown belt; or an orange purse and orange shoes; etcetera!


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