How to style an orange jacket?

Orange is a very versatile color, which means it’s easy to wear and style.

A lot of people are afraid of orange, but it’s actually quite wearable and can be worn with almost any outfit. Here are some tips on how to style an orange jacket:

1. Try pairing it with black or navy pants/jeans and a white shirt. Black or navy pants/jeans look fantastic with orange because they contrast with its bright hue. This will also allow you to keep the rest of your outfit simple so that the jacket can stand out as the focal point.

2. Try pairing it with white pants/jeans and a black shirt for a more casual look. White pants/jeans will make your legs look longer than black ones would, so if you’re looking for something that’s more casual yet still stylish then this combination could work well for you!

3. Try wearing an olive green or another earthy-toned shirt under an orange jacket for an earthy vibe! This will help balance out the brightness of your jacket while also adding some depth to your outfit.

4. With gray pants or jeans: This is a classic look that has been popular for decades—and for good reason! The contrast between the two colors looks great when paired together.

5. With a pair of brown boots: Brown boots go well with almost any outfit, but they especially work well with an orange jacket because they bring out the yellow tones in the coat’s hue.

6. With a white dress shirt: White works well as an accent piece because it makes other colors stand out even more—so pairing an orange jacket with white will really make your outfit pop!

7. Wear your orange jacket with a black top and jeans. This is a classic look that you can’t go wrong with, but it’s also so on trend right now! Just make sure you have a light wash on your jeans and keep the rest of your outfit simple.


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