How to dress for a romantic date: stylish ideas and looks

For women, every meeting with the man they love equates to a romantic date. Only with the beloved date can be romantic. For such a meeting you need to prepare, a woman in love will definitely think about hair, makeup and, of course, the image for a romantic date. Next, it all depends on her temperament, modesty, and plans. If the lady does not want to make a frivolous impression, she will choose a restrained outfit, but any girl on a romantic date will come in an image with spice.


    • Dress with a carriage neckline. The neckline is modest, but shows off the long neck and collarbones.

    • Dress with open shoulders. Acceptable as long as nothing else in the image is provocative.

  • Red dress. Choose a closed model without a tight fit.

A dress for a date.

    • Beige silk dress. Flowing fabric will beautifully emphasize the curves of the body. Complete the image with large earrings.

  • Colored dress. It is better if the color of the dress is muted, bright colors can irritate on a date and scatter a man’s attention. Red does not count, because it is associated with fire and passion.

Date dress.

Adeam, Coperni, Courreges, Elisabetta Franchi, Ermanno Scervino, Fendi By Versace


An odd choice for a romantic date, if you don’t pay attention to the neckline. And if you do, then the cardigan is suitable for a romantic walk. To emphasize the solemnity of the moment will help red lipstick, smart shoes.How to dress for a date.

Adeam, Les Copains, ALC, Alessandra Rich

Red suit.

A red suit is fine for a restaurant date, especially if it’s not your first date. Red is a pretentious color, so it is better to choose a pantsuit or a suit with a long skirt.Red suit.

Adeam, ALC, Genny

The Lady in Black.

The association that black is slimming is ingrained in the minds of women, so the choice of black clothing is legitimate. How to make the image playful?

    • With a black cropped top or jacket.

    • Leather. Leather is always sexy.

  • Mesh tights in a modestly closed outfit.

Black look for a date.

Alaia, Chiara Boni, Etro

Leather Dress

A leather dress is a versatile purchase not only for romantic dates, but also for a basic closet. Exclude revealing models for a romantic date, similar to costumes from adult stores. Date dress.

If you choose a black leather sundress, wear a turtleneck or tight tights under it. Flat shoes will also reduce the degree of sexiness of the outfit.

How to dress for a romantic date: stylish ideas

Alaia, Chloe, Courreges

Grecian style dress

A man wants to see a goddess by his side, to match this image a Greek style dress will do best. How to dress for a romantic date: stylish ideas and looks (8)

Alaia, Fabiana Filippi

The Lady in the Hat

Not all men understand extravagance, but many like mystery. If you wear a hat in life, it’s okay to wear it to a meeting with a man. A mysterious stranger is sure to stay in your memory. A hat for a date.

Alberta Ferretti, Christian Siriano, Kristina Fidelskaya

Cutouts on clothing.

You’ve probably heard that the clothed body excites the male imagination more than nudity. The same can be said about cleavage, the usual neckline on the chest is banal, but the cutouts on the waist, stomach, leg attract attention. Necklines on clothing.

ALC, Christian Siriano, Cult Gaia

Leather pants

A beautiful figure and daring character can be emphasized by leather pants. It is better to choose not too tight model or cover the groin with a top.How to dress for a date.

Dundas X Revolve, Alice + Olivia, Atlein

Three-piece suit.

Clothing on a date can say a lot about a person. A bold, no-nonsense woman can come on a date in a trouser suit tee. Women's Suits.

There is no need to wear a blouse or turtleneck under the vest, let the neckline be open.

Women's suits.

ALC, Eftychia, Elie Saab, Kiton, Laura Biagiotti

Mini Skirt

If you decide on a mini skirt, then:

    • Reduce the sexiness with a white blouse or turtleneck;

  • Cover your body with a top long layer.

How to dress for a romantic date: stylish ideas and looks (15)

Alejandra Alonso Rojas, Alice + Olivia, Chanel

Suit with skirt

For a romantic date, a suit with a short skirt is suitable, if the top will be closed. Especially suitable is such an image for a date in a restaurant. The man will see the modest top, but remember your slender legs. Date Skirt

Alessandra Rich, Alice + Olivia

Skirt suit.

A skirt suit with a long skirt is a good solution for a date. How to dress for a romantic date: stylish ideas and looks (18)

Christian Siriano, Elisabetta Franchi

Floral Dresses

You don’t want to choose long – go to the meeting in a dress with a floral print in a romantic style. Heeled shoes will complete the image. How to dress for a romantic date: stylish ideas and looks (20)

Alessandra Rich, Badgley Mischka

Cropped top and top

Now in fashion is an understated fit pants and open belly, such a look for a romantic date is not suitable. Shortened top is acceptable, but in combination with pants or skirt with a high fit at the waist. How to dress for a romantic date: stylish ideas and looks (22)
Alessandra Rich, Anteprima, Chanel.

Knitted dress.

A tight knit dress with an A-silhouette skirt, but not a tight-fitting short dress of thin knit. How to dress for a romantic date: stylish ideas and looks (24)
Ami, Anteprima, Chanel.

White Sweater

White is associated with purity and innocence, if a white dress can scare a man on a date, a white sweater is perfect. Date Image.
Ami, Dundas X Revolve, Ermanno Scervino

Tight-fitting dress.

If a woman has a beautiful figure, you need to show it off. It is important to wear corrective underwear under a tight dress, because if the underwear is digging into the body, you can’t count on the “wow” effect. Tight-fitting dress.

Chiara Boni, Cult Gaia, Frederick Anderson

Costume Dress.

For a romantic date on Valentine’s Day, a deliberately dressy dress is appropriate. It's a beautiful dress.

Christian Dior, Kristian Aadnevik

Images for a Full Girl

When choosing a romantic image a plus size girl should understand that dressing up in shapeless outfits is not allowed. A dress that fits well on the figure is the best choice. Full girls are suitable for a dress with a V-neck.How to dress for a date

Christian Siriano, Coperni, Jonathan Simkhai

High boots.

An image without shoes will not be complete. Many women when constructing a set are guided by shoes. High boots always look sexy, and they are often worn on romantic dates. It is better not to wear jackboots, they can make the image vulgar. How to dress for a date.

Cult Gaia, David Koma, Dundas X Revolve

Dresses and skirts with a leg cutout

Even if the skirt is maxi, but the leg is cut, the man will be satisfied with the image of his companion.How to dress for a romantic date: stylish ideas and looks (31)

Cult Gaia, Dundas X Revolve, Elisabetta Franchi

Open-back dress

What can you surprise and even shock a man on a romantic date? An outfit with an open back. An open-back dress.
Daname, ALC

Red Dress

Not all women can be enclosed in the framework of a cautious approach to the creation of the image. Some representatives of the fair sex are irrepressible at the moment of falling in love. They want to be bright, sexy, to show their passionate nature. If the dress is red, then let it be longer, you can create a total bow with red tights. If you have a red trench coat, try wearing it like a dress over your underwear. Image in red.

Dundas X Revolve, Dolce & Gabbana, Genny

Bright suit.

Very subtly approach the choice of color, it should adorn you, not overpower you. For a Russian girl it is better to choose a suit in pastel colors, bright colors will drown out your natural beauty. Women's Fashion.

L Agence, Laura Biagiotti

What shouldn’t you wear on a date?

When choosing clothes to wear on a date with a man who has looks, you need to remember that there are definitely clothes that can discourage, disappoint. Avoid the wrong images for a romantic date.

    • Overly revealing outfits. A man may draw the wrong conclusion about a girl’s availability, not realizing that she just wanted to show her best side.

    • Polka Dot Dress. Many will be surprised to see a polka-dot dress on the list of inappropriate things to wear on a date, but most men will find this coloring too feminine and repulsive.

  • Masculine items. Voluminous jackets are suitable for photo shoots, but not suitable for romantic dates. Rough, masculine-looking clothes are not the best option for a romantic rendezvous. The association with fragility may not arise.

What not to wear on a date

    • Retro Outfits. If your style is retro, wear a dress to a meeting that you can’t tell is from the last century. Retro dress will immediately cause a man unnecessary associations and questions.

    • Outrageous Images. It’s not uncommon for girls to utter the phrase “let him love me for who I am.” Such a lady can come on a date in a catchy outfit. Immediately shock a man should not be, if there is a calculation on the continuation of the relationship. The likelihood that he will be delighted by the epatage is small.

    • Shapeless Things. A man appreciates a woman’s appearance and wants to arouse his interest with a beautiful figure among other things. There must be mystery in a woman, but false modesty is better left at home.

  • The white dress. Men are shy people, if you come on a date in a white dress, a man may think they want to marry you, and this will immediately cause tension and fear.

What not to wear on a date.

Try to think thoroughly about your image for a romantic date. Do not do a high comb-over, do not perfume too much, and give preference to classic makeup and a clear look.


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