How To Dress For A Pear Body Shape For 50 Year Old Woman

Dressing for a pear body shape can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Pear-shaped bodies are shaped like pears—with wide hips and narrow shoulders—and for women over 50, this means that the natural weight gain that happens as we age can make your body even more pear-shaped. Don’t fret! Here’s how to dress for a pear body shape for 50 year old woman:

1. Wear clothing with vertical lines (vertical stripes or vertical lines) because they will help balance out your broad hips by creating the illusion of length in your torso.

2. Wear clothing that is fitted around your waist and hips, but loose through the legs (this helps create an hourglass shape).

3. Wear clothing that creates a “V” shape from the bust down to your waist, which will give you some volume at the top without adding bulk at the bottom.


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