How To Dress Casually For 50 Year Old Woman

When you’re 50, you don’t want to dress like you’re in your 20s. You want to dress like a fifty-year-old woman.

And that’s OK! We’re going to help you with that.

The key is not to try too hard, and not to think too much about what you’re wearing. Keep it casual and comfortable, and focus more on the fit of your clothes than on what they look like. Here are some tips:

1. Don’t feel like you have to wear dresses all the time—they can make us feel younger than we are, but they can also make us look older than we are (depending on how they fit). Try pairing jeans or pants with a long-sleeve shirt or sweater instead.

2. Get rid of those leggings with holes in them—they don’t look good at any age! Instead, try wearing denim shorts or capris instead—they’ll make your legs look longer and thinner!

3. Longer tops can help create an illusion of height (and yes, even if they’re not long enough for your real height!). Try pairing them with leggings or denim shorts for an ultra-casual look that’s perfect for 50-year-olds.


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