Gucci GG0471S Shiny Black/Brown Gradient One Size

When your life is a whirlwind of activity, you need a statement piece that’s as versatile as it is striking. These amazing Gucci GG0471S Shiny Black/Brown Gradient One Size sunglasses is just that!

Made in Italy, this plastic frame and plastic lenses pair perfectly with any outfit to help you strut your stuff. You’ll be able to see the world clearly with these non-polarized UV protection coated lenses—and we know you want to look your best no matter what.

These glasses feature a black and brown shaded lens that will accentuate any outfit and make sure everyone knows who you are (or at least how beautiful you are). The 62-millimeter lens width is great for hiding under layers without sacrificing style. The 60-millimeter lens height ensures that no matter what angle people are looking at you from, they’ll get a great view of the world through your eyes.

The 16-millimeter bridge helps keep the sides of your nose covered while still allowing plenty of room for airflow in and out of your nostrils without having to worry about fogging up when it gets hot outside.

The 145-millimeter arm length means these glasses will fit snugly around your head without slipping off.


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