Floral Print Sleeveless Strap Beach Bohemian Hippie Rayon Cotton Maxi Sundress

A new season, a new you.

That’s what this floral print sleeveless strap beach bohemian hippie rayon cotton maxi sundress is all about. It’s the perfect dress to embrace your inner flower child and let her out! The spaghetti straps are so light and breezy, that you’ll feel like you’re floating around in a cloud of flowers. The loose fit makes it perfect for dancing in the sun or dancing at the club (if that’s your thing). It’s made out of 100% rayon, which means it will look just as good on you after a day at the beach as it does while wearing it to work—and because it’s machine washable, you don’t even have to worry about getting sand stuck in any holes.

This dress is perfect for any occasion where you want to show off your bright personality or just get away from the harsh realities of life for a little while. Whether that means going on a trip across the country or simply taking some time off from work so you can watch cartoons in your pajamas all day with your kids, this dress will help make sure you’re ready for whatever happens next!


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