Color Trends 2022: Women’s Style Ideas

Warm weather has already put us in a great mood, so we want to add juicy colors to our closet. Today let’s take a look at the bright and stylish bows on the streets of the most fashionable cities in the world. There are macro and micro trends. For example, as previously came and stayed with us for a long time cuts and necklines. Or oversize, which has not left the closets of fashionistas all over the world for many years. There are also trends in the shades and colors that we will wear in the season. Pink, green and purple remains such long-lasting shades.

Fashionable colors in clothing.

1. color trend: green

One of the most pleasant colors that many girls will want to have in their closet. All its shades are as if they descended from impressionist paintings and dissolved in street style.

Fashionable Colors in Clothing

Trendsetter girls wear all sorts of shades – we see a juicy lime green suit, a deep shade of summer foliage in a suit with shorts, the sparkle of explosive green satin in tandem with blue mules and a mint-colored trench coat.

Fashion Trends 2022.

Most often we see dresses in midi length, but if you want to show off your slender legs this summer, a mini is a must-buy, as the mini is also a trend. Let the extra decor be glamorous feathers, like on the sleeves of a suit in a perfect green like cake frosting.

2. trend for color: pink

Pink is trending.

Modern it-girls wear over-size jackets in a shade of pink with bikinis, leggings, short skinny shorts or bare legs. Here works the technique on the contrast of volumes – if the top of a large jacket, then the bottom should be a minimum of volume.

Bright dresses.

Pink midi length dresses look especially sophisticated and organic. If you want to add a little romance to your look, this dress will be the perfect outfit idea. And let’s not forget about the mini.

How to combine colors in clothes

How to match colors in clothes

In addition to images in total pink, that is pink monochrome, very authentic and stylish look bows based on the combination of two shades – pink plus green. This combination will immediately raise the degree of the style of the whole set. The second color can be both in the accessory group, and one of the leading shades in the whole image.

3. color trend: purple

Trending to mauve.

Trending to purple.

The Pantone Color Institute named this color as the main color for the spring-summer 2022 season – it’s a delicate mauve “very peri”. The most current combination of shades is obtained by adding yellow. It can be an accessory group – bags, shoes, glasses, scarves. It is also perfectly combined with pink and green.

Purple in fashion.

The color purple is in vogue

Choose a pantsuit in a purple shade or a leather jacket, add some “tasty” accessories and your outfit is ready. In such an image you definitely won’t go unnoticed, and you can easily conquer the streets of Moscow, Milan and Paris.


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