Can you wear a pencil skirt if you have a tummy?

The answer is YES! You can wear a pencil skirt if you have a tummy!

The key is to pick the right pencil skirt for your body shape. Your tummy will be most visible when wearing a short skirt, so if you’re looking to avoid showing this area of your body, consider choosing a longer one.

It’s true that a pencil skirt is one of the most flattering silhouettes for your body type, but it can be tricky to find the right fit. The key is to make sure that your skirt fits correctly in the waist and hips—not too tight, not too loose. If you’re still worried about how it will look, try on different styles with different levels of stretch and see what works best for you.

Here are some tips to help you find your perfect pencil skirt:

1) Find a pencil that fits in your waist and hips, but is looser around the thigh area (so it doesn’t cut into your tummy). This will allow for more room to move around in the skirt. Be sure to try on different sizes until you find one that feels comfortable with enough room for expansion when sitting down or bending over.

2) When trying on skirts, stand up straight with shoulders back, suck in your belly, then turn to see how much space there is between your body and the skirt—if there’s too much space then it won’t look right on you!

3) Make sure the material of the skirt is soft enough so that it doesn’t dig into any rolls while sitting down—this will make things worse instead of better!


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