Basic Wardrobe For 50 Year Old Woman

If you’re a woman over 50, you’ve probably heard the phrase “basic wardrobe” more than once. The basic wardrobe is a look that’s easy to put together and will always make you look chic—even if you’re in a rush or don’t have much time to spend on your appearance.

The easiest way to start building a basic wardrobe is by focusing on neutral colors like black, brown, grey and white. These colors can be combined with other neutrals to create different looks every day of the week.

For example, black pants paired with a grey or white top is a classic outfit that can be worn for work or even for play. This combination has been popular for decades because it looks great on everyone!

Now let’s talk about accessories… You want your accessories to complement your outfit without distracting from it. One way to do this is by choosing jewelry that has silver accents instead of gold ones (unless it’s an evening event). Silver goes with everything!


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