5 Women’s Outfit Ideas: Versatile Closet Items To Wear in 2022

Not surprisingly, when choosing a new piece of clothing or accessory, any of us can get confused, because there are many factors to consider: what we buy this thing for, what color and cut suits us best, the practicality and versatility of this purchase and, of course, the current fashion trends. The time of year we are in is another important aspect because we usually classify most clothing as “fall-winter” or “spring-summer” and don’t mix the two. We’re not going to wear a sweater in the summer (although, of course, stuff happens) and a summer dress in the winter.

But what if I told you that there are certain items that you can wear all year long? And although these items are quite simple in their purpose, they would add a twist to your look?

1. bodysuit.

Stripes are one of the classic summer prints that never go out of style. However, few people think about the fact that in the fall and winter it looks just as great or even better. This print makes the image more interesting, it is very easy to combine it with different colors and even with other prints.

The most common option is black and white or blue and white colors, but recently multicolored versions have also come into fashion.
Versatile Wardrobe.
Diego Anciano

2. Black bag.

Black is one of the most in-demand colors of the fall and winter season, and black bags are no exception. Most people think this color is too dark for summer, but that’s not true at all. Since in summer we usually wear lighter colors, a black bag becomes an interesting accent and helps create a greater contrast in the image.
Versatile Bag.
Style Du Monde

3. Cap

We all know the true purpose of a cap (to protect our head from the sun in summer). But if we want to use it as an accessory to create a fashionable look, there are many options: caps look great with sweatshirts, jackets, coats, and even shirts. Choose neutral colors such as black, white, beige, or gray to create successful combinations with a lot of clothes.
5 versatile closet pieces for all year round
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4. Dress or skirt in a floral print

I think almost all of us have at least one floral print skirt or dress, as these are some of the most common and favorite things in our summer closet. However, not everyone dares to wear these clothes in the fall and winter, thinking that it will be a bit out of place. The secret is to choose a skirt or dress in a flowing fabric (such as silk or viscose), and then it will be great with other items of clothing with more “rough”, dense textures (such as a sweater, sweatshirt, jacket, etc.).
Versatile Wardrobe.
Tyler Joe

5. White pants/jeans

We often wear white pants in the spring/summer, but most give up on this closet item when bad weather arrives. Obviously, white looks great in the summer, especially with a tan, but in the winter this color can look even better. With the arrival of cold weather and rain, we usually switch to gloomier colors, and white pants freshen up our outfit, helping to create a more interesting and lighter look.
Versatile Wardrobe.
The Style Stalker


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