4 piece Women Hippie Costume Set Fringe Vest Faux Suede Tassels vest

Are you ready to throw on your favorite vest, grab a pair of leopard print earrings, and make yourself into a new person?

This four-piece set is all you need to feel like a sexy hippie goddess. The vest has a fringe that’s 40.95 – 41.73 inches long—just long enough to be cute but not too long that it looks like a costume piece. The sleeveless cardigan is perfect for parties or just adding some flair to your everyday outfit. And those leopard print earrings? They’ll make you look like the most stylish hippie around!

Finally, we have the headband and sunglasses combo that will make any outfit look like it came from Woodstock itself. The headband is made from faux suede and features crystals in an assortment of colors that will look great with any outfit. And the sunglasses are round brown lenses that will add just the right amount of edge to any ensemble.


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