100 Women’s Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration

Reducing the consumption of unnecessary things will help to know the trends. To keep your closet relevant, add trendy clothes to your basic clothes. OutfitReport.com has prepared the most complete selection of fashion trends for 2023 in clothes, shoes, accessories, and styling.

Clothing Trends 2023


Capes are a micro-trend. They are suitable for styling photo shoots, to add color, texture to the image. At first glance, a cape is an uncomfortable thing, but remember that all superheroes wear capes to look spectacular. Women's Fashion 2023.

The shows have capes that are warm, made of quilted fabric, wool, and knitwear. The capes made of flowing fabrics, with a hood, decorated with feathers look spectacular.

Women's Fashion 2023.

ADEAM, Adam Lippes, Alberta Ferretti, Badgley Mischka, Tod’s, Tibi

Blown Skirts.

Skirts made of quilted fabric with insulation visually increase the hips, full girls are better to abandon this trend or choose a model with frequent quilting of straight style.

Fashionable blown skirts in midi length, are styled in images with a stretch of color, which neutralizes the volume they create. A total bow is always slimming.

What color should you choose for a quilted skirt? Red, mustard, or beige.

Fashionable puffer skirts.

ADEAM, Anteprima, Baum und Pferdgarten


Clothes with plumes refer to dressy clothes. A plume can be not only an evening dress, but also a blouse. Sew a skirt that has fabric only at the back, wear it on top of pants for a holiday. Fashion trend plumes.

ADEAM, Alyx, Carolina Herrera

Black trench coats.

Classic black trench coats are on trend. Length, style, texture, cut – different, it is optimal to buy a black long leather trench coat, extravagant – black trench made of patent leather. Black Trench Coats 2023.

You can complement the image with a trench coat with high boots and a panama, a kerchief and rose-colored boots, gloves and a clutch.

100 fashion trends of 2023: the future of fashion

ADEAM, Alaïa, Agreeg, Ami, Carolina Herrera, Diesel

Long knit dress

Fashionable knitted dress can be tight or loose, combined with sneakers or with platform shoes. Wide belt made of soft leather will help to emphasize your waist. On a dress made of white jersey the portapelle does not look provocative. Long Knit Dress

6397, 16Arlington, Altuzarra, Michael Kors Collection

Wide pants.

90% of brands have added wide pants for women to their collections. This is a macro trend. Images with them are classic, minimalistic. The most fashionable color of wide pants is black. Fancy Pants 2023.

The silhouette with black pants can be baggy with a black loose sweatshirt. Black wide pants with an understated fit combined with a turtleneck are topical.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (9)

Low fit.

Unlike the low-fit fashion of the ’90s, low-fit pants in 2023 are wide, not tight. Fashion Trend 2023.

6397, Altuzarra, Ami, Casablanca

Long and Short Skirts

Contrast is on trend, which extends to length. Mini skirts on the shows alternate with maxi length. Common in the images is the tightness of the top. Long skirts are bright and catchy. They reflect the trend for mottled bottoms with monochrome tops. Fashion Trend 2023.

Altuzarra, Deveaux, Etro, Erdem

Coat with fur

Let’s not confuse modern coats with vintage coats. Grandma’s coat will not look relevant. Short and long coats, gray and colored, fitted and straight silhouettes are decorated with fur. 100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (13)

Fur often decorates only the collar, less often goes down the entire perimeter of the coat. Fur coincides in color with the coat or contrasts with it. Both natural and artificial fur is acceptable.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (15)

Altuzarra, Alberta Ferretti, Courrèges, Emporio Armani

Multicolored coats.

The fur coat trend is gaining popularity. More fur coats with hyper volume. In a large, bright fur coat, the figure looks fragile in contrast. This trend is very relevant to the cold Russian climate. Artificial fur continues to gain popularity, and natural valuable fur remains the epitome of luxury, as long as such a fur coat does not go against your beliefs. Women's Fur Coats 2023

Combine fur coats with wide pants, tight-fitting evening dresses, colored tights and bright shoes.

Fashion Trends.

Faux fur coats don’t keep you warm, they decorate and set the mood.

Fashion Trends

Alberta Ferretti, Ami, Del Core, Michael Kors Collection, Tom Ford

Pencil skirt

On-trend classics, the pencil skirt is the classiest model. Fashion designers show that fashion can be clear by mixing a leather pencil skirt with a turtleneck and a wool plaid skirt with a shirt. 100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (20)

Anteprima, Emilia Wickstead, Fabiana Filippi

White T-shirt.

Wear a white tank top with flesh-colored seamless underwear. Combine a white T-shirt with jeans, catchy skirts, black pants. It is not necessary to supplement the image with jewelry.100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (22)

Bottega Veneta, Prada

Doll dresses

A great idea for a prom dress. Appropriate footwear – pink lace-up shoes or platform sandals, under the toe part of velvet. Doll dresses.

Bora Aksu, Zimmermann


Masculine jumpsuit models in denim and leather are on trend.100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (25)

Christian Siriano, Isabel Marant, Missoni

Pants suits

Women’s trouser suits jackets have a fitted silhouette, pants are not only wide, but also tapered. Suits with satin lapels are on trend. Pantsuits.

Minimalist suits alternate with brocade suits at the shows.


The waist is emphasized with a belt. Pants suits with vests are topical.

Pants suits.
Duncan, Eudon Choi, Erdem, Eftychia, Gabriela Hearst, Frederick Anderson, Michael Kors Collection


What kind of bombers are on trend? Long ones with decorations, voluminous colored ones combined with boots, black ones made of leather.Fashion Trends 2023.

Isabel Marant, Prada, Ports 1961, Loewe

Down jackets.

The texture of down jackets is not matte, but lacquered. In down jackets the waist is marked by the cut or emphasized by the belt. Fashion Trends 2023.


Denim suits
Not only are denim jumpsuits on trend, but denim suits are also on trend.

Monochrome turtlenecks on the shows are combined with bright bottoms or become part of the images in a classic style, combined with skirts, pants and suits.

Buttoned knit cardigans
A feminine silhouette with a snug fit is on trend. Knitted delicate cardigans with beautiful metal or pearl buttons emphasize the fragility and femininity of the figure.

Knit suits with short skirts
How to neutralize the sexiness of a short skirt? With knitted texture combined with flat shoes.

The fashion of loafers is not going away in 2023. Tights are relevant because they are part of the trend for sports and comfort, but combine them with feminine heeled shoes, not sneakers.

Footwear: fashion trends for 2023


Which trend is the brightest in 2023? High-heeled ankle boots. In order not to look provocative, combine them with knitted suits, dresses with flounces in a romantic style, midi skirts.100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (32)

The color of the booties: black, white, gold, red. There is no strong fit, topical boots with a small gathering.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (34)

If you decide to combine the boots with a short dress, then complement the image with a top layer, such as a coat.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (36)

You can reduce the garishness of the look with boots with a pastel range, or you can exaggerate the brightness with a printed decorated garment.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (38)

Adam Lippes, Bevza, Balmain, Del Core, David Koma, Giambattista Valli, Isabel Marant, Moschino, Michael Kors Collection

Platform Shoes

Booties can’t be combined with pants and it makes no sense to pair them with long skirts and dresses, so there’s a second trend in footwear – platform shoes. Platform shoes.

The platform weighs you down, so the image should have a lightweight thing that emphasizes the fragility of the figure, such as a cropped top, leggings, a skirt of flowing fabric.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (41)

The most fashionable platform shoes: buckle-heeled shoes, lace-up boots, clogs.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (43)

Colored shoes.

Colored stiletto heel shoes are trending this season.

Fashion Prints 2023.

Floral Art Print

In fashion is not the usual floral print, but similar to a photograph or picture. Flowers not only on dresses, but also on jumpsuits, the range is gloomy, the field is black. Fashionable prints on clothing.

Adam Lippes, Carolina Herrera, Erdem

Mixed prints.

A mix of prints is on trend. It goes beyond high school style courses, the mix involves prints on hats, tights, and not just on clothes. Fashionable prints on clothing.

The prints are united by color and style. But proportionality often goes into the background. Large flowers in the image can be combined with small checks.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (47)

Anna Sui, Baldessarini, Bora Aksu, Etro, Giambattista Valli, Kenzo

There are fewer leopards at the shows than reptiles.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (49)

Ami, Dolce & Gabbana, MM6 Maison Margiela, Michael Kors Collection

The leopard moves to the accessory area and changes coloration from yellow-brown to black and white.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (51)

Michael Kors Collection.

Fashions and cuts in women’s fashion in 2023

The carriage neckline
Not only round necklines in unexpected places are trending, but also the classic square neckline. Usually, a square neckline is accompanied by lantern sleeves.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (53)

Adam Lippes, Badgley Mischka, Tod’s.

A trend that is found in many designers is the hoodie. It’s not a thick hood from a sweatshirt, but a thin voluminous one from a blouse.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (55)

Pay attention to outerwear with a hood.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (57)

Alaïa, Balmain, Duncan, Dion Lee, Michael Kors Collection

Flashlight Sleeves

What dress to buy to be fashionable. Dress with voluminous sleeves. The style will not enlarge if the waist is emphasized, on the contrary, lantern sleeves will help to create a harmonious silhouette. Trends 2023.

Voluminous sleeves reflect the trend not only on the “hourglass” figure, but also on the silhouette “inverted triangle”. The volume of the sleeves can be not at the top, but at the bottom, such a style can visually expand the hips.

Trends 2023.

Carolina Herrera, Del Core, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Frederick Anderson

Shoulders + waist.
Stiff jackets that emphasize the waist and shoulders are on trend. Big hips are not in fashion.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (61)

Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, FREE AGE

Hoodies and T-shirts with prints
Infantile prints on hoodies and T-shirts are among the fashion trends.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (63)

Dolce & Gabbana.

Colors: fashion trends in shades 2023


The color of the season is lavender, but designers are singing an ode to pink. Pink is in everything. A strict teacher’s sundress, a stretchy boyfriend sweater, a business lady’s suit, all things in a fashionable closet for all occasions are in pink. Fashion Shades 2023.

Shades of pink from muted berry, to bright fuchsia. Pink can be a bag or shoes.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (66)

The all-bright pink looks deserve special attention.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (68)

Adam Lippes, 6397, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Agnona, Ami, Badgley Mischka, Blumarine, Bite Studios, Balmain, Michael Kors Collection

Full Beige.

Total look is not only bright, but also basic. Beige and gray are on trend. Shoes can stand out from the beige ensemble. 100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (70)

Beige is a safe color, so any purchase of beige you will wear often. But it’s best to buy a beige knit dress or trench coat.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (72)

A bold woman can afford a beige leather dress, so as not to look naked, choose a dress that is not the same shade as your skin color.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (74)

3.1 Phillip Lim, 16Arlington, Alberta Ferretti, Agnona, Burberry, Christian Dior, Michael Kors Collection, Max Mara


Shades of gray in images don’t mix. Silver is also gray. Wear a gray turtleneck under a gray shirt. Trends for 2023.

On the shows, gray is in total look sets. If you’ve been dreaming of getting a gray suit for a long time, now is the time.

Topical gray looks.

A gray balaclava and gray booties are a must-have in the closet of the modern fashionista.

Topical gray looks

Anteprima, Baldessarini, Christian Dior, Diesel, Erdem, Michael Kors Collection, Max Mara


While there was a lot of green last season, in 2023 green in an image is a contradictory bright spot. Contradictory because it is out of place in the outfit and draws attention to itself. 100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (79)

If there’s a lot of green, it’s no longer a contrasting green, but a muted one.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (81)

Apiece Apart, Bottega Veneta, Cecilie Bahnsen, Diesel, Emporio Armani


Red is not combined with green, but only with black, which emphasizes its drama and exaggerates its sexuality. 100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (83)

There is a lot of red in images, but sometimes red on clothes can only be the decor. Sleeveless blouses in red are on trend.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (85)

You will immediately draw attention to yourself if you buy a red dress or a patent leather cape.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (87)

Bottega Veneta, Baum und Pferdgarten, Cecilie Bahnsen, David Koma, Courrèges, Duncan, Dolce & Gabbana, Eudon Choi


The most popular shade of blue is azure. Fashionable dresses are sewn from fabrics of this color. 100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (89)

A blue dress is more practical than a blue suit or coat.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (91)

Bora Aksu, Christian Siriano, Emporio Armani, Versace, Emporio Armani


If we were talking about summer trends, yellow would be understandable, but in the shows designers are showing coats, trench coats, jackets in yellow. Topical shades in fashion.

Yellow suits many women, but for the off-season this color is not practical, unless it is a jacket combined with khaki pants.

Topical shades in fashion.

Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Eudon Choi, Etro, Michael Kors Collection

Black and white classics.

Fashion for the second season is moving away from sports toward classics. But the classic combination of black and white is not strict office, but playful and feminine. A black belt on a white dress, a pirate blouse combines with cigarette pants, a white shirt with wide leather pants, and a cropped fitted jacket with a moving short pleated skirt. 100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (95)

White is scarce in accessories and shoes.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (97)

Carolina Herrera, Chloé, Chanel, Ports 1961, Tod’s

Neon appears in fashion collections every year, if in past seasons neon clothes were sports style, in the fashion season of 2023 neon colored dresses and blouses.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (99)

Dundas, Derek Lam 10 Crosby, Erdem, Emilia Wickstead

But the burgundy color will not be dresses, but pantsuits and coats.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (101)

Etro, Emilia Wickstead, Gauchere.

The alternative to yellow was orange, especially a lot of orange in the men’s collections for 2023.

Trends for 2023.

Michael Kors Collection, Max Mara

Unusual colorblock
There is little contrast in colors in the shows, in color blocks stylists use one bright color, combining it with things of muted shades.

Trends 2023.

While shoes didn’t participate in color block style before, they do now, because color block booties are trending.

Trends for 2023.

Apiece Apart, Burberry, Christian Cowan, Genny


Lacquered leather clothing
Lacquered leather clothing is not flashy. They are midi skirts, gray coats, suits, pants.

Lacquered leather clothing.

Lacquered leather clothes look great in the frame, but in life they would be very hot, but beauty requires sacrifice.

Lacquered leather clothes.

Anteprima, Christian Siriano, Del Core, Courrèges

White Leather
There’s a lot of leather clothing in the shows. When a trend becomes bold, it starts to play and experiment. So leather clothing is not only the usual black color, but also white. At the same time, what kind of leather – natural or artificial – is not important in 2023. All kinds of leather are in fashion, and you decide what to buy. Artificial leather reflects the trend for animal care, but natural leather is still better to wear, it is much more comfortable and lasts longer.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (108)

Ambush, Courrèges, Genny

Transparency is not a macro trend, but part of the trend for sexiness and femininity.

Stylish Images 2023.

Mesh can be a second layer on a dress, a bottom layer under a jacket or cardigan. Wear mesh pants over leggings and a mesh turtleneck under a sundress.

Stylish Images 2023.

Alyx, Dolce & Gabbana, Genny, MSGM

Modern tweed can have large and small checks, and it is used not only for suits and short sundresses, but also for long dresses with thin straps.

Stylish Images 2023.


Surprisingly, sequins are no longer an evening story. Sequins adorn sports suits and casual outfits, so you can sparkle in any situation without waiting for evening events.

Sequined Clothing 2023.

In one dress, sequins can be of different sizes. It is more usual to buy a top made of sequin fabric and combine it with a strict suit.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (114)

Whereas in past seasons sequined skirts for every day were on trend, today it’s pants.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (116)

Altuzarra, Alice+Olivia, Alberta Ferretti, Anteprima, Ami, Commission, Etro, Emporio Armani

Knitted Dress
A knitted dress must have a sheath. The fashionable knitted dress is long, fits the figure and emphasizes the chest.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (118)

Frederick Anderson, Michael Kors Collection

There are a lot of dark blue velvet clothes on the shows. Velvet is found not only in women’s collections, but also in men’s collections.

A mix of textures.
We often forget about the texture of clothes, and in vain. The combination of different textures makes the image complex, for example, leather and fur, satin and velvet, suede and silk.

Mixing textures in clothing.

Eftychia, Giorgio Armani

Fashion Accessories and Decor 2023

Long scarves.
Long scarves are not wrapped around the neck, they are left hanging vertically.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (121)

Agnona, Anteprima, Eudon Choi, FREE AGE

Long Gloves
Recall that ladies used to wear gloves not only to keep warm, but gloves were part of the look. So feel free to pair gloves with sweatshirts, suits, not just evening dresses. You can wear rings and bracelets on the glove.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (123)

Emilia Wickstead, Ferrari, Fendi.

Berets are more in men’s collections. Trendy women’s berets now look more brutal rather than French cute.

Women's Berets 2023.

Gucci, Kenzo

Fishnet and colored tights
White fishnet tights will not suit full girls, but on slender legs they look stylish. Fishnet is a texture that increases the volume.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (126)

Not only colored tights are trending, but also tights with patterns. Try to play the designer, find tights with an unusual print and match them with a dress or skirt, repeating the pattern of tights.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (128)


Rhinestones don’t appear on jeans, t-shirts and sweaters, they trivialize fashionable dresses.

Fashion Trends 2023.

David Koma, Dundas, Genny

Lacing on shoes is more common than on clothing.

Fashion Trends 2023.

Dundas, Dolce & Gabbana, Dion Lee

Feathers and fringe.
Feathers and fringe go from 2022 to 2023, fringe becomes wide, heavy.

Hats and neckerchiefs
Cowboy and pirate styles are on trend, so hats and neckerchiefs are also relevant.

Short necklaces with large beads
There are almost no chains in the shows, but there are pearls, but they are not standard size, but large.

Fur Bags
Stylists suggest wearing fur bags in the summer. The most practical handbags have handles and clasps made of leather, and everything else is made of fur.

Hairclips for bangs.
In fashion, bangs are not straight but wavy. In order not to get tired of bangs, they suggest that they should be pinned, like in school.

Epaulettes and cargot pants.
Militaristic is always on trend, and now especially so. In the new season 2023 the style is represented in the shows by short bushcoats, cargo pants and epaulettes on blouses and coats.

Don’t buy one brooch, get several, and if one, get a very large one in the shape of a flower.


Total Black
Fashionable black is not sexy, it’s austere, understated and covers the whole body.

Trends 2023.

ADEAM, 6397, Alaïa, Burberry, Christian Dior, Erdem, Michael Kors Collection, Max Mara

Dress with Cardigan
The most understandable and cozy combination. Complement the dress with a cardigan with jewelry, bright shoes, bows, it will take away the stylization in infantilism. It’s better than wearing a dress with a cardigan to look like an old lady.

100 Women's Trendy Outfits for 2023: Style Inspiration (133)

Bora Aksu, Blumarine, Chanel.

Total bow.
One of the macro trends of the season. The most popular colors to assemble single-color looks: black, beige, blue, pink.

Fashion Kits 2023.

There must be something unusual in a fashionable image. For example, boots, bright socks, an unusual cut or length.

Fashionable Kits 2023.

The color of the top and bottom can be completely the same, but differences are also acceptable.

Women's Fashion 2023.

Beatrice B, Baum und Pferdgarten, Etro, Genny, Gabriela Hearst, Fendi, Michael Kors Collection, Max Mara

Dress with pants for a long time trying to introduce into fashion, but nothing comes out, only the most confident and experienced fashionistas create such images for the sake of experiment. This season, stylists have made another attempt.

Women's Fashion 2023.

3.1 Phillip Lim, Deveaux

Skirt over dress.
If you have a buttoned A-silhouette skirt in your closet, button it up and wear it over a short dress.

Long Sleeves.
Today, you don’t have to tuck and twist your sleeves to expose your thin wrists. In 2023, the longer the sleeve, the better.

Short haircuts.
It is impossible not to mention short haircuts among the brightest trends of the season.

The haircut in the 2023 look.

They don’t try to make women into men, it’s all about contrast and freedom.

Trends 2023.

6397, Alaïa, Baldessarini, Bite Studios, Emporio Armani, Eftychia

Often one piece combines several fashion trends. For example, a red dress can be made of patent leather, be short, with lantern sleeves and a carriage neckline. These items will help to create the most harmonious and at the same time fashionable images.


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